Several options are open to you for fishing. Once you've caught your fish, you can bring them back to the Beach House to cook, or you can freeze them until you're ready to return home.

This picture was taken from across the marsh
You can see the Beach House through the trees

One of your options is to fish on your own - remember to check for fishing season information at Shaw Country Market in Port Greville. Another option is to hire a guide to take you fishing. The Tourist Bureau in Parrsboro has a list of local fisherman who will act as guides, or you can contact Dinatours, in Two Islands just outside Parrsboro. To get more information about the guides provided by Dinatours, call (902) 254-3700 or fax (902) 254-3664.

A third option is to go out in a lobster boat. If you want to arrange this, talk with Liz when you book your vacation at the Beach House, and she'll talk with the local lobster fisherman to arrange it.

Fishing licenses are available at Shaw Country Market or at office of the Department of Natural Resources. For information regarding licences, contact the Department of Natural Resources or the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters at (902) 423-6793.