Kayak the highest tides on Earth with NovaShores Adventures

Our vacation beach house, cottage showcases the pristine elegance of Central Nova Scotia’s natural surroundings, and our visitors have the very special opportunity to kayak on the Bay of Fundy by driving just a few miles down the shore. Kayaking is provided by NovaShores Adventures, located near Cape Chignecto Park.

There are parts of the Bay of Fundy that can only be navigated by the most skilled kayakers. However, NovaShores Adventures paddling routes are selected to safely explore the awesome beauty of the Bay of Fundy's Cape Chignecto area. While the tremendous power of the tides create turbulent currents around Cape Split and Cape d' Or, visitors paddle safely along a coastline protected from the tidal rip currents, within viewing distance of the Capes. The meeting point for all tours is in Advocate. From Advocate, you'll follow the tour guides to their put-in on the Bay of Fundy - locations depend on weather, as does the time of departure depends on the tides.

Don't these pictures make you want to drop everything and come to our vacation beach house, cottage, solely for the adventure of paddling the shores of the Bay of Fundy in Central Nova Scotia!

The shore of the Bay of Fundy where NovaShore Adventures paddles is rich in life - on land and sea. It includes Nova Scotia's most impressive geological features with its towering cliffs, rock spires, deep valleys and sheltered coves. From the times before European explorers touched this land it has always held special importance to aboriginal peoples. The Chignecto area of the Bay of Fundy offers something for everyone interested in the outdoors, nature, geology and history and, NovaShores believes that there is no better way to take it all in than by sea kayak!