Walk at our beach side cottage in Nova Scotia

Walking and hiking are favourite activities for everyone who stays at our beach side cottage in Nova Scotia. For local walks, you can follow the beach west to Port Greville, and take a short side road up to the paved road, and then walk along the highway and eventually back to the Beach House. When the tide is out, you can walk along edge of the marsh - remember to keep an eye on the tide so you can return before it comes all the way in.

When you are walking along the beach, you can always take one of the roads up to Fox River or Port Greville and go to Port Greville Country Market for a visit and snack before you walk home again.

A walk up the road from our beach side cottage will take you past a cabin and barn built by Liz's Dad in the mid 60s.

Another idea when you stay at our beach side cottage in Nova Scotia is to get in your car and simply drive along the shore until you find a spot which appeals to you.